About Us

The Victoria Park Clinic was born in 2013, when Heidi and Andrew McCarthy opened it’s doors for the first time.  They had noticed a need in Cardiff to bring together practitioners from various Allied Health backgrounds and bring them together under one roof.  This brings a wealth of knowledge to the clinic, as well as variety for clients.




For Clients

There isn’t a lot the clinic can’t help with – we have a wide range of clinicians and therapies delivered by our well qualified, friendly team.

The team work together to ensure you get the best possible care and outcome.  If you have health insurance we’ll assist with your claims process.  If you have been injured as a result of an accident we are able to assist where required in providing a detail report of your care.

We hope that you enjoy visiting our clinic where our aim is to make Your Health and Wellbeing Our Priority.




For Health Care Professionals

The clinic offers three treatment rooms which are all fully equipped and available to rent to qualified health care professionals.

Take a look around our rooms in the gallery below.  If you’d like a tour in person please give us a call or drop us an email and we’ll arrange a time to suit you.  Our rooms are equipped with electrically adjusted beds, towels, robes, bed roll, as well as sink with hot/cold running water and high speed internet.  We have yellow waste bins and a licensed disposal service.

We offer a lot of additional services are part of your rental package, including website listing, social media, and a cloud based diary system.