Blog January 2nd 2018

Check for Spiders….

Happy New Year!

If you’ve chosen the New Year as an opportunity to start a new exercise plan, this post is for you. Best of luck, stick with it and don’t be disheartened if it’s a bit hard. You might be new to exercise, returning after a break, or ramping up an existing programme. If your trainers have been having a rest for a while, don’t forget to check them for spiders. Actually, if they have been resting for that long, check if they are still the right shoe for you and your activity. Things may have changed since you last put them away. And if you are brand new to exercise, please take a moment to think about your footwear.

Most people, for most activities do not need very expensive, specialist trainers. A neutral trainer with a firm heel counter and a moderately cushioned sole is super for most activities. If you are heavy, you will benefit from a slightly firmer shoe. If you are very light, you might be able to get away with a softer sole. If you are going off-road you’ll need a heavier tread. For indoor court sports there may be requirements to the sole.

But can we talk about pronation? If you have been told you over-pronate, worry not. Pronation is your foot and ankle’s natural and very effective way of cushioning you when you land. So think twice before you buy an anti-pronation shoe.
Some pronation for walking, running, zumbaing, dancing etc is quite 1) desirable and 2) impossible to block completely in a trainer-you would need a cast to your knee to prevent pronation. But for some people, it is desirable to control when the pronation is slowed down, and this is best achieved with a pair of FFOs (orthotics) in your shoe.

You may need different shoes for different activities. If you are lifting heavy weights you may need to wear firmer flatter shoes than for running. You may need your orthoses set up differently.

And if you are taking up an activity you do in your bare feet, you may need to tape your feet/ankles.

At the Victoria Park clinic we can help you with all of this, we understand the biomechanics of sport and are here to help you with all your sporting, exercise and everyday footwear.