We are lucky to have a number of our clinicians who specialise in the treatment of children. We have a Children’s Physiotherapist, Orthotist for the provision of Shoes, Orthotic Supports, Specialist Kinesio Support Taping, Lycra Suits, and highly skilled Osteopaths skilled in Cranial Osteopathic Treatments specifically for little people.

We assess, provide advice for and treat children and babies with – developmental delay – torticollis (wry neck/persistent head turn) – plagiocephaly (flattened head) – in toeing, toe walking, and other gait problems – neurological and developmental conditions such as cerebral palsy, syndromes, dystrophies and brain injuries.

Childbirth, although a natural process, can be demanding at the best of times for the mother. However even a natural birth without complications can be a traumatic process for the new-born infant.

For both the mother and infant structural adaptive changes have to take place, in order to cope for the demands of childbirth. Ventouse and forceps assisted births also add to the stresses and strains of the new born infant. These structural adaptations usually resolve, but not always, leaving behind varying degrees of mechanical problems. If unresolved, these can lead to various issues for the mother such as lower back pain. In the case of a new born, these unresolved stresses and strains may contribute to mechanical problems. New born infants have limited ways of expressing themselves, theses stresses and strains may lead the baby to be irritable, have restless sleep or even cry more.

Cranial Osteopathy is a very gentle though extremely effective method of osteopathic treatment. it is suitable for all ages. The Osteopath applies very gentle pressure with an aim to release the restrictions and distortions which are causing the patient problems.

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