Oped Products

The Victoria Park Clinic is a Specialist Centre for Oped Products and the after care protocols needed for each product. We have a number of Oped trained fitters within the clinic and after your fitting you’ll be introduced to our Rehabilitation Team who will take you through your after care.

The Victoria Park Clinic is also Unique within Wales – as it has a full stock of Oped Products, so if you need a boot today you can have it and get on the road to recovery.

We have staff available to attend private clinics or hospitals to fit Oped. If you require this service please call 02920564111 this can be done pre or post operation and we have a weekend/evening call out system in place. We are able to serve all of South Wales and the West of England. We are just a phone call away.

If you have a major sporting fixture our staff are able to attend with a fully stocked and you will only be charged if we have the need to fit.

Oped boots are the best boots available on the market – don’t settle for second best! They are approved by Cigna.

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